How to save money on airport transfers?

The UK is one of the costliest destinations in terms of living and transportation. If you are making airport transfers in the UK, don’t miss out on our travel guide. We are providing you the insight details about how you can save your hard-earned money at the transfers.

How to save money on Airport Transfers in the UK?

Without any further delays, let’s begin with our guide. Here are some valuable tips that will benefit you when preparing for your trips.

Try to Book in advance

Advance Booking On Caledonia Taxi services

Make it a habit to book the service in advance. Plan your trip and make sure that you are making your transfer reservation ahead of time. The time factor here holds the key. You can avail discounted rates if booking is done well before time like one month in advance is ideal scenario. The more you delay your reservation, the less discount you will get.

It is one easy tip that can save you money in transfers. As soon as you get the planning done for your trip, book your transportation at the same time you reserve your travel tickets.

Make a comparison among the available options

 comparison among available options

Jot down a list of the transportation and transfer service providers. Make use of the latest technology. There are websites and apps available that provide you with a comparison among different companies’ services. Here you can easily compare the available options. Compare the prices, customized plans, and services on offer.

It will help you in selecting the suitable service according to your requirements. The comparison sites gives the most clear picture for minimum fares.

Use shared transfer options

Sharing in a taxi service

Private transfer options are always costly. Instead of booking private sedans, or luxury cars, try to choose shared transfer services. In these services, transportation is shared among many users. Usually, shuttles, buses, or vans are available for shared commuting. These are many cost-friendly options. Using these shared services will help you in saving your budget.

Public modes of transportation

How to Save Money on Airport Transfers

Hiring private transportation is hard on the pocket sometimes. If you can manage, then you can use public transportation as well. Public modes of transportation like trains, buses, and the London Tube, are pocket-friendly options for your transfers. Make sure that you have less or no luggage so that you can easily commute in them.

Site Parking service

Car parking

If you are coming to the airport on your transportation, you can use the off-site parking services. They offer free bus and shuttle services for the airport. These parking options are cheaper than the parking slots available in the airports in the UK. These wise options will help you in cutting down your travel expenses.

Commuting through Uber or shared transports

Commuting through Uber or shared transports

Sometimes Uber and other cab services are much cheaper than other transfer booking services. Keep an eye on all the available options. Compare them and plan your transportation accordingly.

Loyalty and Reward Programmes

rewards and reviews

Credit card companies, hotels, and airlines often provide rewards and points systems on their services that can be used for airport transfers. Check out all these discount policies on your cards. Redeem the points and avail the discounts on your transportation. This is a pro tip to save your finances.

Avoid peak and rush hours

Traffic in Peak Hours

The transportation charges are much higher during the peak hours. Plan your trip well and avoid scheduling your flights during these peak hours. It is much better to schedule your flights in a way that you can commute to airports during non-peak hours. It is a wise tip to cut down your transportation expenses.

Negotiate with local transport providers

Negotiation in local Transport

The services that are solely for airport-related transfers are costly. Sometimes try to negotiate with your hotel service or the local taxi. They often give better rates. Manage your time by planning transportation properly. This is a cost-saving option for airport transport.

Book round-trip transportation

save money on airport transfer services

The transfer companies often give discounts on booking round trips. You can get discounted rates if you book both the arrival and departure transportation for the airport from the same service provider. It is a pro tip that will not only save you money and time but make you carefree for your whole trip in terms of airport transportation hassles.

Travel by walk

Travel By Walk

If the airport is near to your location or vice versa, and you don’t have much luggage then it is a wise move to commute by walking and save all your airport transportation expenses. It is a healthy option to have as it will improve your physical health.


Commuting through the airport is a costly exercise. These amazing tips that will help you in saving your finances. You can not only use these tips in the UK, but they are workable in other locations as well.


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