Do’s And Don’ts For A Pleasant Ride

Do’s And Don'ts For A Pleasant Ride

Many of us use rides to commute daily. There are multiple reasons for taking these rides. Some people don’t have their transport and some prefer using private transport over their one for convenience.

For making these rides a pleasant and joyful experience, we have made up a guide for everyone. These tips are useful for both passengers and drivers. As the title suggests, it is about the do’s and don’ts for a pleasant ride. So without any further delay, let’s go through these valuable tips.


Be Prepared:

Be Prepared:

Before starting the ride, check that you have got everything ready. You need to have your necessary documents, ID card, insurance card, money, and credit cards with you before the ride begins.

As a driver, make sure that your car is well-prepared. It is in perfect working condition, and you have got enough fuel in your car’s fuel tank.

Be Polite And Respectful:

Be Polite And Respectful:

Always be respectful and polite to your driver. He/she is also a human and is working hard to earn his money. Being courteous and humble with them will boost their morale. It is a smart tip to create a positive image of yourself.

From the driver’s perspective, it is also necessary to value your customer and behave with respect and humbleness. It will help you as a person and driver as well because the customer will rate you well. A win-Win situation for you as a driver.

Follow The Instructions:

Follow The Instructions

Any instruction that your driver’s advice is for your safety and benefit. Follow the instructions always. Make sure you have fastened your seat belt, and not smoking, eating, or drinking in the car.

These small things can be helpful to make your ride a pleasant experience.

Be Aware Of The Surroundings:

Do’s And Don'ts For A Pleasant Ride

As a driver, be alert. Pay attention to the road, traffic, and pedestrians. Your attentiveness can save you and your passengers in any disaster situation. Make sure you are focused and not talking too much during your ride.

Be Patient:

Be Patient

Traffic at times can be unpredictable. Stay patient, and don’t panic or lose your temper. It will have a negative impact on your ride. Just relax and keep composed throughout the ride.

Respect The Personal Space Of Others

Respect The Personal Space Of Others

If you are traveling through a shuttle service or any other shared/public transportation, make sure you respect the personal space of other passengers. Everyone wants to be comfortable, but it should not be at the cost of invading others’ space. If you have luggage in place, it should be kept near your seat in such a way that it shouldn’t disrupt other passengers.

Take Care Of Your Belongings:

Take Care Of Your Belongings:

Take good care of your belongings. At the end of the ride, check your belongings, and luggage before leaving the car. As a driver, it is also a good gesture to remind the passenger about their belongings.

Enjoy The Ride:

Enjoy The Ride

Traveling can be a good experience to meet new people and make friends. Light chit-chat with the driver or other passengers can be good fun.


Don’t Use A Mobile Phone:

Don’t Use A Mobile Phone

While driving don’t use your mobile phone. Make sure you are not making or receiving calls, texting, or using WhatsApp during your ride. It can divert your attention from the ride. It is a hazard for you and your passenger’s safety during the ride.

Big No To Alcohol Or Drugs:

Big No To Alcohol Or Drugs:

Any use of alcohol or drugs before and during the ride must be prohibited. You can’t drive properly in these situations and can cause serious accidents.

Say No To Arguments:

Do’s And Don'ts For A Pleasant Ride

The driver and passenger both should stay polite and calm. Any argument with the driver may lead to losing his focus and concentration while driving. Avoid them and for a safe and sound ride.

Don’t Smoke:

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is not recommended while driving. It is not the best thing for your health. Some people might have asthma and allergies. Avoid it for their health and safety.

Don’t Eat And Drink:

Don’t Eat And Drink

Many passengers use the same taxi or cab in a day. Eating and drinking in the car will make them dirty and messy. Avoid any kind of eatables and drinks in the car. A clean car is a must for a pleasant ride.

Don’t Get Out During Moving The Car:

Don’t Get Out During Moving The Car

Make sure that you leave the car only when it is fully stopped. Leaving the moving car can be dangerous and cause severe injuries.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts that will help you for a perfect ride. Make sure you will use these tips in your next ride. They will not only be good for your safety but will also enhance your better image. It makes good harmony between the driver and passenger that will lead to a relaxed and pleasant ride.


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